Author: Alan

Patio Villa home in The Villages

The Villages is a community in Florida designed for residents over the age of fifty-five. It offers convenience, safety and something for everyone to enjoy. From free nightly entertainment to an abundance of daytime activities and amenities, the opportunities are just about limitless. Within The Villages there are an assorted style of homes available to […]

Hoping legalized weed comes to Florida

I absolutely love living in Tampa, Florida. The weather is gorgeous just about year round, with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. There is access to a vibrant waterfront area, diverse cultural scene and all sorts of entertainment and activities. I can get tickets to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning, Buccaneers or the Rays play. […]

Vacation in St. Petersburg

It was some type of a window unit that was installed into a wall. Last winter, I decided to take my family on a holiday vacation. I wanted to escape the sub-zero temperatures and feet of snow accumulation up north. I researched all sorts of different destinations. I preferred to not only remain in the […]

Moving to Springfield in the spring time

I was raised in the far south, where the weather was always hot and humid. I was accustomed to running the air conditioner just about year round, and our house was not equipped with any type of heating system. Torrential downpours, thunderstorms and hurricanes were common concerns. After graduating from college, I had some difficulty […]

A boiler for winters in Sioux Falls

For the extreme cold in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a boiler heating system is ideal. While a lot of homes in the local area are outfitted with a furnace, I am very thankful for my hydronic alternative. Instead of using ductwork to transport hot air into the rooms of the house, the boilers links to […]

The history of Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is a city with a diverse past and rich history. A Native American heritage and pioneer settlers helped to shape the area and offer interesting sites that are still around today. Falls Park is an iconic landmark and the birthplace of Sioux Falls. Formed by the Big Sioux River, the falls tumble over […]

Snowmelt system is invaluable

The snowmelt system reacts to the combination of temperature drop and moisture, automatically starting up and melting away snow and ice In South Bend, Indiana, the heating system is a necessity from October until sometime in May. we expect temperatures below freezing for approximately six months per year. The winters are long and difficult. The […]

All the reasons I love living in Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, offers really beautiful year round weather. Living in the local area, I appreciate each of the seasons. I look forward to the arrival of spring and the burst of colors and fragrances. When the dogwoods, magnolias and azaleas bloom throughout the city, it’s just beautiful. From March thru May, the temperatures fluctuate from […]