Wood Stove was not a practical heating choice in Lowell

When I moved into my house I wasn’t pleased that there was a woodstove.

It was centrally located.

It sat on a brick pad, was vented through my wood ceiling, and there was a stack on my roof. My boyfriend was all excited to have this kind of heating system. The house came with central heating but having a woodstove would be cool right? I really hated it and was hoping it wouldn’t work. The device was operational but useless. So whoever owned the place before us bought a too small heater. It was meant to be like a hunting cabin. It couldn’t even heat the living room by itself. So the use of it was basically worthless. It then got really hot when it heated so it was a safety hazard. Someday I wanted kids and I knew that would have to go. It was hard to fit our couch and TV around it and the woodstove made the house look old. Finally my boyfriend agreed that a wood stove was useless in a Lowell, Massachusetts home. So I called a Lowell heating dealer to see if they would take it. They didn’t even want that heater. It was too weak and old. It wasn’t in great condition. So I ended up scrapping it, paying for a ceiling repair, a roof repair and a floor repair. Having a wood stove cost me so much money. I love my living room now that it is gone. Removing it was so much work and money. I have a bad taste in my mouth about those types of heaters now.


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