What an interesting time to be alive

Every small village has their own myths & legends, & mine is no different, and the two of us are in the long shadow of Chicago, which means no a single ever legitimately thinks about us, then orland Park is a village about 25 miles away from the Second City, & it is a peaceful, quiet place to live… Like I said, just because we are quiet doesn’t mean we are separate from ghost stories & pieces of local lore, and as a kid, my number one was about a residing scarecrow called Mr; Nix, who lived in the cornfields & looked for naughty children to drag away into the darkness, i’m bringing this up because now that I have graduated from motion picture school & moved back to Orland Park, IL, I think my first motion picture should be about the scarecrow legend! First of all, it’s a single of the only legends that Orland Park can call its own, & hour, my Mom claims to have seen it when he was a kid, he is almost sixty now, & the owner of a successful Heating & Air Conditioning service shop downtown, & has constantly been entirely vocal about his belief in the legend.

In the local Orland Park history museum there is even a little display about the legend, & a newspaper clipping about my Mom is part of it! He had his picture & his estimate printed in the Orland Park Examiner, so he is respectfully part of the local lore! If I can get him to take a few afternoons off from the Heating & Air Conditioning shop I’d love to motion picture an interview with him, & use it as the basis for my Orland Park documentary.


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