We saw each other at the cannabis dispensary

My company sent me to the bay area for a work conference.

Myself and two other employees were selected and I honestly felt pretty good about the trip.

I had not been to San Francisco in a long time and I was looking forward to enjoying some of that night life. I knew we would be busy with seminars and educational classes throughout the day, but the evening is always up for grabs. I’ve been to a bunch of seminars this year, but most of them have been close to home. I was particularly excited about going to San Francisco, because California has legal recreational marijuana. It had been a really long time since I had gotten high. As soon as we arrived in the city, I rented a car from the airport. I told the guys that I would meet them at the hotel. I was thankful that the company splurged for each one of us to have our own rental car. The last time we had to go somewhere, we had one rental car for three people and it was terribly inconvenient. I felt like a teenager asking my mom and dad for permission to use the car on a Friday night. When we went to San Francisco I had my own car, so I could go anywhere that I wanted. I chose to head directly to a recreational marijuana dispensary as soon as I left the airport area. The closest recreational marijuana business was 2 miles south of the San Francisco airport. I drove there and walked inside of the building to place an order. I was already inside of the building when one of my coworkers walked through the entryway.

Marijuana Shop San Fransisco California