Treating arthritis with CBD

I began noticing signs of arthritis in my hands right after I turned fifty years old.

At first, the stiffness was mild and only showed up during very hot or very cold weather.

I had some aches and pains in my knuckles that made it uncomfortable to make a tight fist. My job is completed entirely online and by way of my computer. Symptoms of arthritis are a big problem. It’s painful to type on a keyboard. My fingers eventually swelled to the point that I needed to cut off my wrings. I found it difficult to complete ordinary tasks such as brushing my teeth, braiding my hair, gripping a coffee cup or pulling weeds from the garden. My issues with arthritis were negatively impacting just about every area of my life. I was unwilling to see a doctor for the sake of a prescription. Synthetic arthritis medications include harmful side-effects that are worse than dealing with the stiffness and swelling in my hands. I had some success through home remedies such as rubbing Vicks on my knuckles and drinking dark red cherry juice. Fortunately, any adult above the age of 21 can purchase, possess and consume marijuana in the state of Colorado. I live in Denver, where I have easy access to several really amazing cannabis dispensaries. They offer a wide range of products that are safe, natural and cause no lasting side-effects. I’ve experimented with different consumption methods, potency and combinations of cannabinoids. CBD has been proven to alleviate inflammation and pain. I treat my arthritis with CBD-dominant topicals and tinctures. I apply cannabis-infused ointments directly to the affected areas. The cannabinoids work with receptors found in the skin to provide relief. I use tinctures to treat the symptoms from the inside, using sublingual absorption to take advantage of quick onset of effects.

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