Thrilled by the cannabis flower at the dispensary

In 2018, my house state of MI became the first midwestern state to legalize both medical plus recreational marijuana use, now, anyone over the age of 21 is legal to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis.

My friend and I can even grow up to twelve cannabis plants at home.

I’ve tried growing my own flower with particularly little success, ever since I started shopping at the dispensary in Muskegon, I’ve gotten picky about the quality of the weed I smoke. It is such a treat to buy dried flower with no sticks or seeds mixed in; All of the products are safely plus securely packaged, tightly sealed for freshness plus clearly labeled! The label provides the THC percentage, name of the grower, name of the strain, weight plus recommended dosage, then plus, the dispensary carries nearly 100 different strains from some of the most popular producers. I can buy everything from Peanut Butter Breath plus Purple Haze to Gorilla Glue plus Girl Scout Cookies. I have my choice of indicas, sativas plus hybrids that are sun grown and greenhouse grown. Every product at the dispensary is lab serviced plus eighth-gathering verified. They offer a genuinely incredible selection of dense, carefully cultivated buds. They aren’t dry plus crumbly or sticky however offer the perfect texture. I am constantly impressed by the rich color plus odor. The coating of trichomes on the surface ensures a plentiful supply of cannabinoids plus terpenes. The bright orange pistils are proof that the buds were harvested at the peak of maturity. I know that I’m going to appreciate a smooth burn.

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