The robbery was in Lee’s Summit

I got a call on Tuesday night.

There was a robbery in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and I was the officer that responded to the call.

I was working on the late shift that night, picking up some overtime hours so my wife and I can go somewhere special this year for our anniversary. I’ve been thinking about taking her to Denver for a week of skiing. My wife really loves to go skiing but there aren’t any big mountains in the midwest where we live. We could get cheap flights to Denver and spend a week skiing at one of the many resorts in the area. I was thinking about the overtime hours when I responded to the late night call and robbery. The robbery turned out to be at an HVAC business. The Lee’s Summit HVAC business sells heating and cooling equipment as well as air purifiers, space heaters, and air filtration equipment. When I arrived, all of the sirens and lights were going off and the front door had been pried open with a crowbar. I went inside to secure the scene. When back up arrived, we turned on all of the lights inside of the building so we could see if anyone else was still in the building. The owner of the HVAC business arrived about 15 minutes after I did. The guy started going through all of his inventory to see what was missing. There were a couple of air conditioners that had been stolen. They were still brand new and in the box. They still had serial numbers and were easy to trace.

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