The rain and hail were not common for Jacksonville, FL

There Is frequent heat and humidity in the south. Jacksonville is a place in Florida that is no stranger to high temperatures and awful humidity. During the summer months, the humidity is almost 100% every single day. Temperatures are in the 90s, but it feels like more than 100°. Walking outside is a nightmare if you try to stay dry. The moment you leave the air conditioned space, sweat begins to form on your face, neck, and body. It rains a lot during the summer in Jacksonville, Florida, because of the heat and the humidity. It’s not uncommon for the city to have a small rain shower five or six days out of the week. It cools down the temperatures for a couple of hours, but then the heat and humidity are back to normal again. It’s not very common to have hail. We had some hail a couple of weeks ago and the ice balls were the size of golf balls. I was working in Jacksonville on an HVAC repair. The commercial customer requested an estimate for new ductwork above the main office space. I was inside of the crawl space when I heard the sound of the ice balls hitting the top of the building. I carefully climbed out of the area where the duct work was located and I walked over to a window. I looked down at my HVAC work truck and it was being pelted by large pieces of hail. By the time the hail storm was over, my truck had sustained more than 50 different dents to the hood and top of the truck.



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