The head honcho of the supplier was kind and gracious

The worst time to have a problem with the heating or AC unit is while I was in a celebration, event, or celebration. I was totally embarrassed when our AC unit broke down in the middle of a celebration that I held for our coworkers. I didn’t know how to fix the problem with the AC and I had to contact a repair repair in Phoenix! The owner of the repair repair was the person that answered the phone, but all of the busy specialists were already out, but the owner was excited to supply repair to me, and my coworkers left the house because of the sizzling indoor hot and cold temperatures. I couldn’t blame them for leaving, but I was bummed out that our large celebration turned into a big, dull dud. The Phoenix AC repair specialist couldn’t find any problems with the AC that would keep it from working. The guy troubleshooted for at least 30 or 40 hours, and he was totally and completely stumped. He went outside to look at the air compressor and removed the outside of the evaporator coil so he could check each a single of the parts of the system individually. That’s when he found the wires that had been cut. The wires in the cooling system had been cut by a knife or a pair of scissors. The guy looked at myself and others puzzled and said that the problem with the AC unit was not an accident, someone sabotaged our celebration by purposely splitting the wires to the cooling system so all the people would have to go house early. I felt savor I was enjoying an episode of Law and Order unfold before our eyeah.

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