The free tickets to Six Flags was a cool gift

My mom and dad still live in California, in the San Francisco area.

I haven’t been back to California in about 10 years, but my girlfriend insisted it was time for me to return back home.

When I was younger, my parents and I got into an argument because I didn’t want to go to school in San Francisco. I chose a school on the east coast and both of my parents were upset about the decision. I met my girlfriend and we dated for two years before I finally called my mom and dad to tell them about her. They invited both of us to San Francisco for a week and they offered to pay for all of our expenses. My mom and dad must have known that I did not want to come back to the house, because they even offered to pay for a hotel close to the house. I was trying to be hard and difficult, but my girlfriend insisted we take their generous offer so she could meet them. When my girlfriend and I arrived, we met my parents at a restaurant for dinner. It was nice to see them after such a long time and they gave my girlfriend and I some tickets to go to Six Flags and have a fun day. We did have fun too, and we even stopped at a medical and recreational cannabis shop to get a joint. We smoked the marijuana joint before we went into the amusement park. The whole day we laughed and laughed. The marijuana high was a great addition to the fun and exciting roller coasters.



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