Someone broke into my car last night

I live in part of the city where there is a lot of crime.

  • I have to park my car outside of my apartment.

I have a covered parking spot, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to break into cars. During the last six months, more than a dozen people have had problems with car burglaries. Last night was my turn to have an issue. I woke up early in the morning and had a shower and breakfast. I was in a very good mood. I slept very well and I was feeling energized. I locked up the house and walked out to my car. I saw glass on the ground in front of my driver side window and I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. My car had been ransacked. The cover for the glove box was on the floor. It was ripped right off of the hinges. I had a half ounce of marijuana in the glove compartment and it was gone. All of the blunt shorties in my door were gone as well. Each one of those probably had one or two hits of marijuana. I usually throw them away at the same time when I wash my car and vacuum the floors. I contacted the police as soon as I saw the broken window. When they asked about the items inside of the car, I told the Denver Police Department about the half ounce of marijuana. One of the guys started to give me a strange look and then I reminded him that it isn’t illegal to have marijuana in my vehicle and on my property.


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