Outdoor malls are the best

In the Summer it is nice ducking into a site to get a crisp blast of freezing AC

The first time I visited an outdoor mall was when I was in FL! I didn’t realize that it was the norm there! You walk around and just pop into any store you want! Up north you are in a big facility and completely covered. It is necessary for the wahter. I remember hating going to the mall. You would need to wear thick coats, boots, hats, and gloves to walk from the parking lot to the mall, then you would walk around the mall in snowboats and have to carry all your gear. It was heavy, bulky, and hot if you choose to wear it, but when I moved to FL the concept of an outdoor mall was so foreign to me, so I get to walk around and see the shop fronts. I get to be in the sunlight and feel the breeze. The weather is consistently super nice in FL too. I love that I can wear a hat and sunscreen in the summer; During the winter season it is a very lightweight coat and pants. I never need to carry anything other than maybe an umbrella. The stores in the mall are entirely enjoyable about temperature control. In the Summer it is nice ducking into a site to get a crisp blast of freezing AC. In the winter season they make sure to have a enjoyable furnace running to keep us warm. I love this method of Heating & Air Conditioning. The outdoor mall is unique to the southern states! My part of St; Petersburg has a entirely enjoyable outdoor mall that I frequent all the time.

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