My mom insisted that I go over and contact the supervisor immediately

My mom as well as I went shopping in Denver last weekend. The two of us rarely drive to the city, which is about an hour away from the house, and i needed a dress for prom, as well as there wasn’t anything nice in any of the shops near the house, however my mom commanded going to Denver for lunch as well as shopping as well as it sounded like a wonderful plan. My aunt decided to join us as well, while I was trying on dresses in 1 of the Denver malls, I found a bin of recreational marijuana. The recreational marijuana was on the floor of the dressing room. I might have put it in my pocket as well as never told my mom, although he saw me reach under the chair for something! As soon as I showed the bin of recreational marijuana to my mom, he insisted that I tell the supervisor immediately. I commanded we take it lake home for further inspection, however my mom did not like that idea. There was no way to know who the marijuana belonged to as well as I did not want to look like a sizable snitch walking into the office. When I did not want to be the person, my mom decided to take the marijuana to the shopper service desk. The floor director apologized, although he did not act like it was a sizable deal. My mom was totally irate. I tried to remind my Mom that Denver has recreational marijuana laws, although he did not want to hear that! She still comes from the seasoned school thought that marijuana is a gateway drug that will fry your brain.


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