Looking for edibles

They create their edibles in-house and offer an amazing menu of options

When I moved to Thousand Oaks, California, I immediately began visiting the nearby cannabis dispensaries. I wanted to find a favorite shop in close proximity to my new home. I was impressed by the size, scope and amenities of the dispensaries. They are all extremely modern and well-stocked. The majority of Thousand Oaks weed shops carry all the most popular consumption methods and brands. I had no problem finding dozens of strains of flower and all types of pre-rolled joints, blunts and cannagars. Plus, the pre-rolls are typically made from full flower rather than shake or trim. The selection of vapes is incredible, including a wide variety of flavors of both disposable and refillable carts. The shelves of the dispensary provide every imaginable version of cannabis-infused topicals and lots of tinctures. For concentrates, I have my choice of waxes, live sauce, rosin, budder, diamonds, shatter, hash, kief and more. They showcase amazing texture, color, flavor and sky-high THC potency. While I appreciate all consumption methods, I am always on the lookout for tasty edibles. I like the simplicity of eating a gummy and the enjoyment of chewing on a brownie. I don’t need to invest in extra gear or worry about mess, ash or odors. I am experienced enough to understand the delayed onset of effects. I always begin with a low dose and wait a few hours before consuming more. One of the dispensaries in my Denver neighborhood includes an on-site bakery. They create their edibles in-house and offer an amazing menu of options. They sell cannabis-infused chocolates, honey, suckers, cookies, cooking oil, ice cream, beverages and so much more.

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