It’s nice spending time at the park just relaxing

California has a good amount of beautiful cities as well as attractions, however my number one locale is most definitely San Francisco! I visited San Francisco a number of times when I was a little one! As an adult, I decided to move to the town after recreational marijuana was eventually legalized.

I was using medical marijuana to assist with pain as well as swelling after a vehicle accident.

I was spending a huge amount of cash on medical marijuana as well as some buddies of mine were bragging about the prices of recreational marijuana in San Francisco. When they said they would let me move into their house as well as sleep on the couch, I decided to move to the city. One of my number one sites in San Francisco happens to be Golden Gate Park. The park is definitely one of the greatest sites in the town as well as home to a number of sites such as the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. This locale has some of the most fantastic plants such as the pitcher plants. These plants were used as cooking vessels for rice as well as water. The fluid inside of these plants has also been used as a pain reliever as well as a natural way to treat indigestion as well as dysentery. I’ve managed to learn quite a bit about these awesome as well as interesting plants in the past year. I’ve spent a great deal of time going to see Golden Gate Park as well as I do not mind spending the length of the day sitting in the park studying about the weird attractions. There is a genuinely nice person who works at the visitor center as well as occasionally we have brunch when I am there as well as she is toiling. It might creep her out to actually learn that I have memorized her schedule.

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