I told a lie so I could spend the weekend in Las Vegas

I might have told a huge lie to my family to get out of the reunion.

My parents, along with all of their siblings and families, were throwing a huge family reunion.

There would be 200 people there, and I was ordered to attend. I said I couldn’t afford the plane ticket, so my Dad bought me one. The problem was that I really didn’t want to go. My folks are decent people, but I don’t like most of my extended family. So when I had a layover at the Las Vegas airport, I called my Dad and said the flight was canceled and I couldn’t make it. What I really meant was that I would much rather stay in Las Vegas for a couple of days than attend that reunion. Can you blame me, really? Who wouldn’t rather spend time in the American Mecca called Las Vegas than being interrogated and embarrassed by their family? I didn’t have money for a hotel, and it should come as no surprise that Las Vegas is not known for its hostels. Las Vegas is a place that wants troutists with money, so there are not many places that offer affordable lodging. On the other hand, Las Vegas has a lot of places that offer affordable cannabis. There are dozens of cannabis shops throughout Las Vegas, and all of them have sweet bargains and specials. I had enough money for cannabis and beer, so I wandered the streets of Las Vegas for a few hours until I got tired and went back to the airport to take a nap.


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