I ran into a famous rapper when I was ordering weed

I got a job toiling for a movie studio, however the job was basically running errands for all the people in the cast and crew, i was allowed to ride an e-bike around town, so at least that saved myself and others a little bit of time.

I went to get Sprite every single morning.

I picked up dry cleaning and took people’s cats to the vet. I did every chore under the daylight including going to a marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary was all the way in Beverly Hills. I told the guy that there were closer marijuana dispensaries, but he insisted that the Beverly Hills dispensary was the a single that he wanted. I was getting paid to drive no matter the distance, so I hopped in the company vehicle with the whole order in my hand. The guy wanted a bunch of stuff and he gave myself and others currency, however when I got to the Beverly Hills dispensary, I had to place an order and then wait for everything to be ready. While I waited, I saw a famous rapper come into the building to buy weed. I could not believe my eyup. I wanted to run up to the guy and ask him for an autograph, but I did not want to look like a schmuck in the expensive Beverly Hills marijuana dispensary. I thought it was genuinely better to discreetly take a picture on my phone and share it with all of my friends on Instagram, however most people thought I should have asked for an autograph, but the experience was pretty neat just the way it was.

Weed Beverly Hills