I may move to New Mexico

It was difficult finding wonderful dealers when I lived in a small town in the midwest.

  • The people I was with and I had a handful of plumbers and electricians, and possibly multiple or multiple residential building dealers.

I assume there were only a handful of auto mechanics as well. The reason I left our tiny hometown in the midwest for Albuquerque, New Mexico had nothing to do with access to suppliers though. I accepted a task in this town when I couldn’t find a wonderful work position in our loft state that paid enough currency for me to survive on. When I looked for apartments in Albuquerque, I found a studio on Alcalde Place that had a view of the Rio Grande River just to the southwest. Since this was the first time I had ever lived in a metropolitan city, I was surprised by the sheer selection of suppliers from grocery stores and diners to medical professionals and veterinarians. When I needed a new air conditioner for our apartment, I called a number of heating and cooling companies within a 10 mile radius. The quantity of HVAC dealers within driving distance was impressive compared to our hometown. Back then every one of us had to install a window air conditioner myself because the only available HVAC supplier was charg\ing too much currency to do it themselves. Thankfully I had no complication at all finding an affordable heating and cooling supplier in Albuquerque to install a window air conditioner in a studio loft for me. It’s smarter to leave this work to the HVAC professionals, especially if you live above the ground floor on a multi-story building.

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