I love the Mile “High” City of Colorado

Yes it’s true that Denver is called the Mile High City! It’s also accurate, because the altitude of the neighborhood is roughly 1 mile above sea level, but even if the neighborhood was well below sea level it would still be called the Mile High City because that is how high you will get being there! I live about numerous minutes away from Denver, yet every time I visit I constantly believe that 1 day I should transfer there for good, then there are a million amazing things to see and to do in Denver and the surrounding areas.

The skiing is spectacular, the wonderful dining is exemplary, but above all else the cannabis in Denver is out of this world! Because of how Denver has been presented in the media for being a cannabis-friendly city, some people believe that it’s okay to just light up a joint wherever you are.

This is not the case at all. In Denver and the rest of CO cannabis is just as legal as tobacco… but just love tobacco, you can’t smoke it where you please… Smoking cannabis in a private residence in Denver is perfectly legal, and carrying it in public is also legal. But people don’t walk down the public streets smoking marijuana in downtown Denver, and think myself and others when I say that smoking while driving will get you in a lot of trouble. The presence of legal cannabis in Denver has led to numerous social fluctuations for the neighborhood itself. There is a robust police force, which makes the cannabis-friendly neighborhood of Denver 1 of the safest cities in America.

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