I like to smoke flower

For quite a while, I refused to try anything other than traditional cannabis flower.

Now and then, I’d take luck of pre-rolled joints or blunts, although I regularly favorite to roll our own, however the process of packing, rolling, twisting and creating a perfect joint requires some skill, extra gear and time.

There’s mess and waste involved, however while I certainly love smoking, the aroma and ash can be a problem, then because of this, I got talked into trying out vapes, but one of the budtenders at the Denver dispensary convinced me to buy a disposable pen; Although I was initially skeptical, I quickly changed our opinion. The convenience is unbeatable. The vape includes everything necessary to love the inhalation process; It has a cartridge filled with cannabis oil and a battery that works to heat the oil to the point of vaporization. Because it doesn’t involve any combustion, there are no carcinogens. It’s a healthier way to consume cannabis. The smoke and aroma dissipates instantly. All I need to do is press a button and inhale. The plant material isn’t burned which retains a higher level of the cannabinoids and terpenes. The flavor is richer and the taste cleaner. The popularity of new vapes has led to an amazing selection of options, however from the actual vape to the strains, terpenes and potency, there are nearly endless choices. I can option from disposable or refillable cartridges. I can buy sativas, hybrids or indicas and opt for high THC levels, strictly CBD vapes or a combination of the several. While I occasionally still smoke a joint when I’m at new home on a weekend, I mostly take luck of the simplicity of vapes.


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