I have an air conditioner issue

I get angry when I can’t figure out how to maintenance a problem, it makes myself and others cranky plus irritable.

It makes myself and others concerned plus concerned easily.

I am care about a lot of other people, however occasionally it can be legitimately hard to control the anxiety. I had a patron that was filled with anxiety last week; The man was absolutely testing our patience; She called the Orland Park AC repair repair where I work. My boss assigned myself and others to the repair repair call. I typed the Orland Park address into our GPS. The laptop said I was 17 minutes from the address. I contacted the AC repair patron before I left the shop. I told the man it would absolutely take 20 or 30 minutes. I anticipated a little bit of traffic on the freeway. The Orland Park patron seemed perfectly fine with our ETA, however he called about various minutes later. She wanted to double-check the address that I had for the job. I was in the middle of traffic, although I opened up our book so I could see the address plus confirm with the customer. The man called back a couple of minutes later, plus he wanted to guess if I was in the city. She claimed to see an AC repair repair truck plus thought that I was lost. I told the man that I was still on the way plus I provided his an substituted time. She still called 1 more time before I arrived at the address. I have to be honest, I was absolutely close to losing our patience by the time I got off the PC with that man for the third time.


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