Hitting the dispensary before the poker tournament

We started playing poker for fun in college, but Max started taking it very seriously.

He was good at reading people, he liked betting, and he just took to the game of poker.

He started reading books about it, and before long we had to stop playing cards with him because he was just too good. It was no longer fun to play with him, because he took poker very seriously. Jumping ahead a couple of years, Max was actually in a major poker tournament being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, so the old crew and I decided to round up and support him. Any excuse to go to Las Vegas is a good one in my book! Max had to spend all day doing this and that to get ready, so the rest of us went to a cannabis dispensary and then toured the Las Vegas strip. We didn’t want to venture too far into “real” Las Vegas because we needed to be there at the casino for showtime. We ended up going to three different cannabis dispensaries, just because Las Vegas does their dispensaries the same way they do everything – big! Even the pot stores in Vegas are dripping with neon and digital projectors, it was a treat for the eyes just walking inside one of them! We made it back to the casino in time to see Max play in the Las Vegas Invitational Poker Tournament, but honestly I was so stoned at that point I remember very little of it. I don’t like to gamble, but Vegas has incredible cannabis!


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