Enjoyed our little trip to Washington

My wife and I love going on quick little trips to different states.

Anytime there is a beak or a holiday, the two of us fly somewhere for a few days.

It is fun seeing the sights, exploring the city and experiencing new locations. Our goal is to someday say we have been to all 50 states. Recently the two of us went to Spokane Washington and it was great. The weather was gorgeous, the flowers were blooming and the city was fun. There are biking trails, gardens, theaters and museums to visit. My wife is a history lover and really enjoyed the learning aspect of the trip. I am a more adventurous type of guy and I liked that I had a long paved trail to ride a bike on. I also went on a run in Riverfront Park which was just beautiful. The weather really was worth mentioning again though. We chose to do this trip in April around Easter time. We experienced temperatures in the 50s-60s. It was a nice change from our southern location. The two of us were used to sweating to death and relying on our AC. During the trip it was nice enjoying a heating system for one. I kind of liked the brisk chill in the air. I was able to do an hour run without sweating to death. It was just cool enough to motivate me but not cold to the point where my muscles tight end. My wife and I agreed that we would 100% go back to Washington someday.
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