Elgin has cold winters, but I don't have to worry

My family and I have lived in Elgin, Illinois, for the past 5 years.

It’s nice to live in the midwest.

Previously we lived on the west coast, but my job moved me to Chicago and we found a house in elgin. I didn’t know that we were going to stay for a long time, but the office in Chicago has been very good to me and the family seems to like living in elgin. We are close to the lake and that means there are a lot of cold wet winters. When the wind starts blowing, it can be cold and treacherous. Elgin has very cold winters, but I don’t have to worry thanks to a great heating system in my home. My wife and I have a fireplace and a gas furnace. We frequently use the fireplace during the day and night time hours when there is someone awake that can tend to the fire. I don’t like to leave the fireplace running all night long, because I worry about the fire hazard. We usually run the gas furnace at night when the temperatures are cold and frigid. I have the gas furnace tuned up before the beginning of the winter season. There is a company in Elgin that handles all of the work. They complete a 50 point inspection that covers every single part of the gas furnace including every nook and cranny. I don’t have to worry about the cold winters in Elgin, because I know that my furnace is going to stand up to the cold temperatures and chilly, wet air.

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