Denver marijuana prices are lower than other places

The edibles sound like they taste like a cough drop.

My friends and I all attended the university of Denver, but we went separate ways after graduating with our degrees. I stayed here in Denver for a lot of different reasons. My girlfriend was here and so was her family. She did not want to move to Seattle to live on the coast and I didn’t mind staying in the city of Denver. I think that the prices on marijuana are lower than any other place in the state and even on the west coast. I got a really good offer to work at a firm in the city and I couldn’t turn down the offer. Some of my friends went south and a few of my friends went to live on the east coast. Every once in a while we all get together, especially when the university has some type of alumni event. My friends are always jealous when they come to visit, especially the ones that moved down south. They only have medical marijuana that is legal and the prices are terribly high. There’s hardly a good selection too. They only have edibles that are flavored like green tea, mint, or lemon. The edibles sound like they taste like a cough drop. Denver has more selections than most places in the area. I’m happy that my girlfriend and I settled down here and I hope I’ll get a promotion soon so we can set a date for the wedding and look for a house. I don’t want to buy a house until I feel more financially stable. If my girlfriend gets pregnant, I want her to be able to stop working.



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