California and the high taxes

My mom was very distraught when I decided to move across the country to San Francisco, California.

I told my mom that the two of us would visit frequently, but toil became a chore plus it was hard to keep that promise.

After my dad died, my mom started coming more frequently to visit, last year she visited myself and others in San Francisco several unusual times. I was easily happy to have her as a guest in my home plus I did everything possible to make sure that she had a superb time while she was there. We visited all of the tourist attractions in San Francisco that the two of us could fit into a week-long visit. We went to Golden Gate Bridge plus Alcatraz Island. We went to the bay plus took a fishing charter out to the water. We also went on a whale enjoying tour. I had a lot of fun with my mom. I never mentioned the fact that I use recreational plus medical marijuana, because I assumed that my mom had the same opinion on marijuana as pretty much everyone else. When my mom came to visit last month, she brought up recreational marijuana plus even mentioned going to a dispensary in San Francisco. That conversation prompted plus even longer discussion between my mom plus I. I found out that she was thinking about moving to San Francisco just so she could take advantage of the legal recreational plus medical marijuana, however of course, having myself and others close again was also something that made my mom consider the move much more heavily.
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