Adding ductless heating with our new baby

I recently had a baby and I wanted to make sure the home is warm enough for him.

Elgin, IL gets really cold quickly and it stays for a long time.

The house has a gas fireplace and a ventless heater in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure about the baby’s room though. I really didn’t want to put a space heater in his room because that could be a fire hazard. My home didn’t come with ductwork so I couldn’t add a furnace or anything like that. I talked to my local HVAC dealer in Elgin and asked for advice. He told me that I could easily install a mini split in the baby’s room. This is a ductless unit that mounts on the wall. It can control both heating and cooling in a single unit. What is great is that I paid extra to have a smart thermostat with it. Now at night I can alter the thermostat from my phone. I can ensure my baby is at the right temperature. Baby’s run a little hotter than we do. However, living in Illinois means the weather is cold a lot. So I make sure that the baby’s room is at least 72 degrees at night. I also like to have a fan going to make some sounds. This addition to our home was more than worth it. I don’t care if my husband and I freeze all winter long. My baby boy needs to have the proper amount of heating in his room. Eventually I plan to add onto the outdoor air compressor. That means my husband and I could have a mini split in our room. Someday we could even get rid of our other heaters.


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