Adding a humidifier with my heater was a smart

Since I run my heating equipment most of the year, I invested in a humidifier.

It was one of those things I just thought wasn’t necessary.

I live in Springfield, Missouri and the heating system is on most of the year. I require a lot of warmth in order to get by the cold winters. The furnace naturally dries out the indoor air quality. The dry air quality causes static cling, shock, chapped lips, bloody noses, and irritates the skin. It also can wreak havoc on electronics and cause wood furniture to split. The dry air also feels colder so your heating system doesn’t really get to have a break in the winter. The reasons for a humidifier were right there. I eventually called around and found a Springfield heating business that specializes in humidifiers. I looked through their catalog to find the very best one. I wanted a humidifier that installed right with my furnace. I figured it would be easier for air filter changes and maintenance. I also wanted it to be working as the furnace did. Anytime the heater turns on, so does the humidifier. Now that I have moisture in my air quality, the household is so much more comfortable. I never realized how nice it is having moisture in the air quality. The house is warmer and the air feels better to breathe. The long winter season doesn’t feel as brutal indoors anymore. The addition of a humidifier was quite cheap too. It was so easy to have it installed and have it working to the best of its ability.

Mini split air conditioner in Springfield Missouri