A boys trip and our trip to Las Vegas

I also found the best brunch in the city and we ate a fabulous meal there

My husband goes on a boys trip every year and then a trip with me. I make it my mission to have our trip be a better one. I totally cater to him though. I make sure to book all excursions I think he will like. I am upfront about the costs and we do a lot of relaxing activities. When my husband does a boys trip the expenses pile up. The men fly first class, stay in high priced hotels and eat and drink their weights. My husband is downright sick when he comes home. Staying up too late, eating wrong, drinking a lot and poor knights of rest wear on him. By the end of the boy’s trip he needs to rest. He also freaks out about the money spent. With me, it is a much easier experience. He has now done Las Vegas, NV with both parties. On the boys trip the men basically sat in different casinos. My husband stayed up until 3am playing craps with my brother one night. They also rented a poolside cabana and also frequented the legal recreational cannabis shops in the area. Weed, booze and gambling was the name of the game. When my husband and I went, it was about the shows and nature. We went to Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. I had my husband see Cirque Du Soleil and another typical Vegas show. I also found the best brunch in the city and we ate a fabulous meal there. My husband had a really great time with me.

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