A big change in weather

I lived in Florida most of my life, and when I got a job in Illinois it was quite a change for me! I couldn’t afford to live in the town so I ended up in Orland Park of all locales, but the section is quiet plus pretty.

  • I have made some fantastic friends plus I prefer what I do, but however, the weather was something unexpected.

In Florida I was conditioned to heat. I was used to walking outside plus dealing with drastic humidity. My family consistently had the AC plan pumping at full power, springtime time just meant less AC plus so did the fall. Wintertide was really not all that powerful, all of us didn’t get snow or chilly air, but nothing in the section ever froze either. Moving to Orland Park was so different mainly because it was so cold. The summer time only gets to be in the mid 76s. Which is kind of nice. I was used to wearing big hats, sunblock plus hiding in the shade. I truly got to prefer the summer time plus all that it offered, but orland Park has Continental Park that offers a swimming pool plus a playground for the kids. The section is also known as a big hockeyer location. I was truly able to be outside without fearing a burn. The downside was the Wintertide though. I was used to rarely using a heating system. Come September I was on the PC with the local Heating plus A/C company begging for a more powerful heater. I had to run it until the end of March too. That was quite a change for me.

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