Riding my bike to the dispensary

Living in Portland is absolutely awesome.

  • I love that I can ride my bike just about anywhere I need or want to go.

There are no major hills, wide bike lands and green “bike boxes’ designated at most intersections. Bike boxes are a safe area that provides bicyclists an opportunity to get ahead of queuing traffic. They help to prevent collisions with cars too often caused by drivers turning right and cyclists heading straight. Having these amenities has inspired confidence in my ability to ride my bike in high-traffic areas. I’ve added a basket to the front of my bike so that I can run errands and carry packages. Cycling is not only enjoyable and a great way to get some fresh air but keeps me physically fit. I need to burn some calories because I especially like to stop at the various food carts scattered across the city. The super-sized gyros at Aybla and bulgogi burritos from Koi Fusion are some of my favorites. I also make the trek to the cannabis dispensary. I shop for products high in CBD to combat sore and tired muscles. I use tinctures, apply topical ointments and really appreciate the therapeutic benefits of cannabis-infused bath bombs. I’ve also found that a couple of tokes from a cannabis vape prior to heading out on my bike gets me energized and focused. I typically look for sativas or hybrids that offer a fairly equal THC to CBD ratio. The dispensary is about a twenty-five minute bike ride from my home and only a ten minute ride from my place of work. I sometimes head over on my lunch hour just to check out the daily deals.

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