The AC needed some major repairs

Delivering bad news is a part of my job that I really don’t like. I have to deliver a lot of bad news during the summer, when customers call me to give them an estimate on AC repairs. A lot of the residents around here are elderly and that makes it even more difficult. Last month I was in Lakeland working on a job and the lady next to the residential house came over to ask me if I would look at her AC unit when I was done with that repair. The woman was very cute and also frail. I decided to help her out. Unfortunately, the AC unit needed some major repairs. If it had been something small, I probably would have completed the repair and not charged her anything. Unfortunately, the woman needed a brand new AC condenser. The lady cried and cried because she didn’t have any money for the AC repairs. I gave her the name of a couple of services in the city of Lakeland that can help and I also told her that she could get financing from a number of Institutions that I regularly deal with from day to day. The next day the woman called to schedule the AC installation job. I drove down to the city of Lakeland to complete the AC installation job. I don’t know how the woman came up with the money to pay for the new system, but I was happy to help her out by installing a new energy efficient and eco-friendly machine. She has an even better system than she had in the past and it will easily last ten years or more.

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My furnace broke down during the worst Winter storm

For the most part, I have had an easy life.

  • I grew up in a house with both parents, I went to great schools, I was able to establish a really good career, and I have a wonderful husband and 2 adorable kids.

So, it’s safe to say that life has been good. But there are times where I feel like the unluckiest person in the world. I have run out of gas while stuck in traffic, I’ve been stuck in snowstorms before, and I have gotten flat tires in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, my husband always came to my rescue, but there was one time I had to rough it out without his help. He was away on business, and the kids and I were stuck at home after a major snowstorm. And we live in Buffalo, New York, so when we get snowstorms, it snows a lot. And for this particular storm, we had gotten 24 inches of snow. Thankfully, we didn’t lose power, but we did lose something that we needed to get through the storm. Our furnace decided to break down in the middle of the blizzard and I had no idea how to troubleshoot it. My husband usually takes care of those kinds of issues for his family. Well, after chatting with my husband, he advised me to contact our HVAC provider. Not surprising, no HVAC technicians were available to perform any emergency work. So, I was by myself with 2 young kids and a broken furnace. I was on the verge of crying but then I remembered that I had a space heater in a storage container. That space heater was our saving grace because it took almost a week for the HVAC provider to fix our broken furnace.


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Adding ductless heating with our new baby

I recently had a baby and I wanted to make sure the home is warm enough for him.

Elgin, IL gets really cold quickly and it stays for a long time.

The house has a gas fireplace and a ventless heater in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure about the baby’s room though. I really didn’t want to put a space heater in his room because that could be a fire hazard. My home didn’t come with ductwork so I couldn’t add a furnace or anything like that. I talked to my local HVAC dealer in Elgin and asked for advice. He told me that I could easily install a mini split in the baby’s room. This is a ductless unit that mounts on the wall. It can control both heating and cooling in a single unit. What is great is that I paid extra to have a smart thermostat with it. Now at night I can alter the thermostat from my phone. I can ensure my baby is at the right temperature. Baby’s run a little hotter than we do. However, living in Illinois means the weather is cold a lot. So I make sure that the baby’s room is at least 72 degrees at night. I also like to have a fan going to make some sounds. This addition to our home was more than worth it. I don’t care if my husband and I freeze all winter long. My baby boy needs to have the proper amount of heating in his room. Eventually I plan to add onto the outdoor air compressor. That means my husband and I could have a mini split in our room. Someday we could even get rid of our other heaters.


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We’re having a tune-up performed next week

The guy is also meticulous when it comes to repairs and installations.

Next week my wife and I are having a tune-up performed on the heat pump and AC system. It’s been about a year since we had the last tune up performed. It’s really important and helpful to have a tune up performed on the heat pump and AC system by a reputable dealership. My wife and I use a company that is located here in St. Petersburg, where we live. There are lots of different heat pump and AC system repair specialists in St. Petersburg, Florida, but my wife and I use this company because her brother is the owner. I don’t mind using a family owned business as long as they get the job done. I didn’t care much for her brother when we first got together, but now I have had a chance to get to know the guy and he is okay. He takes his job very seriously and that makes me feel good about using him to repair and service our heat pump and AC unit. The guy is also meticulous when it comes to repairs and installations. When he performs a routine tune-up, he looks at every single part of the system. He checks all of the electrical connections, mechanical connections, the air filter, ductwork, heat pump, and the AC system. There isn’t a single part of the machine that isn’t thoroughly investigated. The company charges a $99 fee for the service tune up, but I think it is a small amount of money compared to the time and care that the service technician takes with my system.

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Emerald Isle Parade and Pub Crawl


Paddy’s day is quite fun in my area of Lee’s Summit MO.

We get real into it here with activities for kids and adults. There is a gold coin hunt for the kids, a parade and floats going by. My children love to do it every year. St. Paddys day is big in our household. The kids usually get temporary green dye put in their hair. We get beaded necklaces and get into the spirit. Once the kids go to bed I have my parents watch over them. Then my husband and I do the pub crawl. It is fun going pub to pub boozing it up and having a good time. It is the one time a year that we don’t act like responsible parents. We get a hotel room for the night since we are so hammered. The two of us then have a great evening together while my parents watch the kids.the morning after is another thing all together. We usually are so hungover that my husband has to throw up on the side of the road as we head home. I still look forward to it all year. I know my kids love St. Paddys day too. Even the school does fun things for the holiday. Everything is all green, gold and silver. I alway shop for good weather during that week. The weather is typically in the 50s however. For our area though, in March that is quite good. A light jacket, our little space heater running at home and everytnign is all good.


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The rain and hail were not common for Jacksonville, FL

There Is frequent heat and humidity in the south. Jacksonville is a place in Florida that is no stranger to high temperatures and awful humidity. During the summer months, the humidity is almost 100% every single day. Temperatures are in the 90s, but it feels like more than 100°. Walking outside is a nightmare if you try to stay dry. The moment you leave the air conditioned space, sweat begins to form on your face, neck, and body. It rains a lot during the summer in Jacksonville, Florida, because of the heat and the humidity. It’s not uncommon for the city to have a small rain shower five or six days out of the week. It cools down the temperatures for a couple of hours, but then the heat and humidity are back to normal again. It’s not very common to have hail. We had some hail a couple of weeks ago and the ice balls were the size of golf balls. I was working in Jacksonville on an HVAC repair. The commercial customer requested an estimate for new ductwork above the main office space. I was inside of the crawl space when I heard the sound of the ice balls hitting the top of the building. I carefully climbed out of the area where the duct work was located and I walked over to a window. I looked down at my HVAC work truck and it was being pelted by large pieces of hail. By the time the hail storm was over, my truck had sustained more than 50 different dents to the hood and top of the truck.



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During the summer months, the city is hot and humid

There was a problem with the air conditioning system in the bathrooms

The average summer temperatures in the city of Birmingham are around 94°. Temperatures are hot, but the biggest problem is the humidity. The humidity is usually around 100%. Walking outside is miserable unless you have some way to cool down. I don’t like to spend a lot of time outside during the summer, unless I can go to the pool. I spend a lot of time at the pool during summer months. I go early in the morning and spend most of the day. I work as a lifeguard at the pool and that means I don’t have to pay money to use the facilities. After work, a lot of my coworkers and I spend an hour in the pool. The pool doesn’t close until the summer sun goes down, but my coworkers and I like to swim for an hour after work is over. It is a great way to cool off at the end of the shift. When I went to work in Birmingham on Monday, I found out that the pool was going to be closed for the day. There was a problem with the air conditioning system in the bathrooms. The lady in charge of the pool called a local air conditioning company in Birmingham, but they could not help until later that afternoon. Since it was scheduled to be 98 degrees on that day, the manager thought it would be a better idea to close the pool instead of risking someone getting heat stroke because they were overheated and there was no place to cool off.

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I worked in South Bend all afternoon

My wife is 8 months pregnant and she is due to give birth to our third daughter at any time.

It makes me nervous to leave the house in the morning, because I’m afraid that I won’t be there when the baby is born.

I miss the birth of our second child, because I was in an area without any service. By the time I got the call from my sister-in-law, my son was already born. I left the house on Monday morning around 7:00 and my wife was feeling just fine. I had a couple of jobs scheduled in South Bend, Indiana. South Bend is right on the border of Indiana and michigan. I thought I would have a little bit of time to hop over the border and go to a dispensary before I headed back home, but my wife went into labor that afternoon. Thankfully, I was working in South Bend that day. The previous day I took a repair job all the way down in Knox and I was gone all day. I didn’t have any phone service either, because I was working downstairs in the boiler room most of the time. The customer never calls me for boiler service unless it’s bad so I knew it was going to take all day. As soon as I got a call from my wife saying she was going to the hospital, I stopped what I was doing and called for backup. I got one of my technicians to come to the heating and AC repair job so I could go to the hospital to be with my wife.


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