I couldn’t get through the winters in Evansville without heat in my car

I know some people who have remote keys for their vehicles and they will start their cars before they even walk outside in the morning

There are a lot of factors to mull when you’re buying a preowned car, regardless of where you get it—a dealer or a private sale. You have to compromise on something, whether it’s the cost or the condition of the car. If you compromise on condition, will it be the engine or something else? I’m fine with a worn interior if I’m not worried that I’ll be at the mechanic once a month fixing one issue after the next. I won’t compromise on the engine, the transmission, or the air conditioner and heater. The heating and cooling system in a car is extremely important if you do a lot of driving in a state that experiences intense hot or cold temperatures. Since I live in Indiana, we get a mix of both. The worst heat waves this year saw temperatures rise to 107 degrees in Evansville, and last year’s low was -30 degrees in February. Although I could survive without an air conditioner in my car in the summer if I can keep the windows down at all times, I simply cannot drive a car that doesn’t have sufficient heating inside. The winters get really cold in Evansville, with snowfall beginning in October or November every year. I know some people who have remote keys for their vehicles and they will start their cars before they even walk outside in the morning. This gets the engine to unfreeze while pumping heat into the car’s interior. It’s amazing how some cars these days come with heating and cooling systems that have digital thermostat controls on them. You can adjust to specific temperatures by single digit degrees with a car thermostat like this.

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My reward after a zoo day

My kids love going to the zoo. Thank goodness there is the Santa Barbara Zoo with over 500 different kinds of animals. The kids can spend all day there walking around and looking at the different critters. The zoo is really good at doing monthly events and hands-on activities for the kids. One of the best is to be a zookeeper for the day. The kids get to play with baby animals like meerkats. They can feed them, handle them and just watch them be. The kids enjoy it and they learn something too. Nearby the zoo is the beach, great places to eat and shops. It always makes for a big day out when we go to the zoo. Typically a beach day and zoo day can’t be paired together. But, I always can warnagle the kids away from the animals with the promise of a good dinner. Santa Barbara has some really great places to eat. There are quite a few good Mexican places that I love to take the kids to. They go crazy for salsa and guacamole. Once it is time for bed, mama gets to have her own kind of fun. The legal weed dispensary near me offers cannabis delivery. I smoke my cannabis oil through a vape. You can’t smell it and the vape doesn’t look like a cannabis product. I take a few hits late at night once the kids are sleeping. I feel good and loose. That is my reward for trudging through the hot sun with wild kids all day.

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Enjoyed our little trip to Washington

My wife and I love going on quick little trips to different states.

Anytime there is a beak or a holiday, the two of us fly somewhere for a few days.

It is fun seeing the sights, exploring the city and experiencing new locations. Our goal is to someday say we have been to all 50 states. Recently the two of us went to Spokane Washington and it was great. The weather was gorgeous, the flowers were blooming and the city was fun. There are biking trails, gardens, theaters and museums to visit. My wife is a history lover and really enjoyed the learning aspect of the trip. I am a more adventurous type of guy and I liked that I had a long paved trail to ride a bike on. I also went on a run in Riverfront Park which was just beautiful. The weather really was worth mentioning again though. We chose to do this trip in April around Easter time. We experienced temperatures in the 50s-60s. It was a nice change from our southern location. The two of us were used to sweating to death and relying on our AC. During the trip it was nice enjoying a heating system for one. I kind of liked the brisk chill in the air. I was able to do an hour run without sweating to death. It was just cool enough to motivate me but not cold to the point where my muscles tight end. My wife and I agreed that we would 100% go back to Washington someday.
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When it’s cold, the dog sleeps in the bed

My dog isn’t used to the cold temperatures yet.

  • We had to move to a different location after I found a better job.

We used to live in Brandon, Florida. That’s a small town right outside of Tampa. Tampa is a great city and a wonderful place to live. There are a dozen different cool things to do in the area including the aquarium, zoo, and Busch Gardens. Old Tampa Bay has excellent fishing and the gulf is right on the other side of the Bay. It was really hot and humid all the time when I was living in the Tampa Bay area. It was nice when I was in my twenties and I wanted to spend every weekend at the beach. I’m much older now, and the thrill of going to the beach wore off. When my job offered me a promotion if I took a job up north in Boston, I had to think about the opportunity for approximately 30 seconds. It was a very big raise and a serious promotion and I wasn’t going to give it up. I know my dog misses living in Tampa as much as me, but when it is cold I let him sleep in the bed. He loves crawling under the covers and snuggling up by my feet. The two of us run the heat as much as we can and I even have a space heater in the bedroom for nights when it is very cold. I honestly don’t mind their frigid temperatures and I am looking forward to learning how to ski. We’re pretty close to a couple of ski resorts and that is one hobby I never thought I would be able to enjoy.

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The free tickets to Six Flags was a cool gift

My mom and dad still live in California, in the San Francisco area.

I haven’t been back to California in about 10 years, but my girlfriend insisted it was time for me to return back home.

When I was younger, my parents and I got into an argument because I didn’t want to go to school in San Francisco. I chose a school on the east coast and both of my parents were upset about the decision. I met my girlfriend and we dated for two years before I finally called my mom and dad to tell them about her. They invited both of us to San Francisco for a week and they offered to pay for all of our expenses. My mom and dad must have known that I did not want to come back to the house, because they even offered to pay for a hotel close to the house. I was trying to be hard and difficult, but my girlfriend insisted we take their generous offer so she could meet them. When my girlfriend and I arrived, we met my parents at a restaurant for dinner. It was nice to see them after such a long time and they gave my girlfriend and I some tickets to go to Six Flags and have a fun day. We did have fun too, and we even stopped at a medical and recreational cannabis shop to get a joint. We smoked the marijuana joint before we went into the amusement park. The whole day we laughed and laughed. The marijuana high was a great addition to the fun and exciting roller coasters.



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It was foggy and windy that day

The weather in the San Francisco Bay area is always cloudy and fair.

When there is sun, everyone rejoices and goes outside to enjoy the warrants.

Most of the time it is foggy and windy. I went to pick up some friends from the airport in San Francisco and it was an extremely foggy and windy day. I had to drive across that bridge and it was swaying in both directions. I could feel the bridge moving and it was starting to freak me out. By the time I got to the San Francisco Airport, my hands were shaking and I was a mess. I felt like I was having a panic attack. I was planning to drive through the terminal pickup area until my friends were outside, but I decided to park the car. I needed to get out of the driver seat and take a few moments. I text messaged one of my friends and told them that I was in the parking lot. Then I got a marijuana joint from the dispensary out of my car. I didn’t want to smoke on the drive, but I needed to calm my nerves. I lit up the marijuana joint and I smoked the whole thing. My friends arrived just as I was putting it out. I felt a lot better after smoking the marijuana joint, but I was still nervous driving across the bay to head back home. When my friends returned home a week later, the weather was clear and sunny and I didn’t have any problems driving across the bridge.


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Cannibalism, weed, and the history of Denver

A few weeks ago my kid got an assignment from school to research a little known fact about the history of Denver, Colorado, and prepare a presentation on it.

The kid is a little bit goth, and asked me to help him research famous criminals in the early days of the state.

Little did I know that we would find such an incredible array of great stories from the history of Denver! This is a quiet place to live, but that wasn’t always the case because Denver used to be a mile-high version of Deadwood! Alfred Packer is one of the most famous Colorado residents to ever pass through Denver, on his way to being as notorious gold prospector, murderer, and cannibal! After being convicted and sentenced to death, Packer was given a second trial, at which he was sentenced to 40 years for his alleged crimes, crimes that were widely covered by the Denver Post newspaper. Here is the crazier part of the story – after serving his time and getting released, Packer actually went to work for the Denver Post! Do you know what role he played for this esteemed Denver publication? Security guard! This is one of those weird and fun little historical facts that make Denver such a neat place to live, just like our cannabis dispensaries. Were you aware that Denver is the only city in the world to have more cannabis dispensaries than it has Starbucks? That is no small feat, and just goes to show you that in Denver people appreciate their weed even more than they like bitter coffee.


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The customer needed repairs and I needed help

My business requires me to make heat.

The heat is created using a boiler.

A boiler can be an energy-efficient heating machine. It can also last for multiple decades when cared for properly. The both of us knew that the compact boiler would be the very best heating solution to help our business. Unfortunately, when issues arise on the compact boiler, the two of us are limited by our choices for help. There are few service providers not care for commercial boilers. When the two of us switched to a current heating provider, the two of us found out they had high hourly rates. The Commercial Heating business wanted an arm and a leg to repair that compact boiler. My business partner and also myself have looked at a number of Denver providers, however, there are not many commercial heating system dealers. We are hoping to particularly find an individual that can be hired full-time to work at a factory. It would be fantastic to have an electrical or mechanical engineer on duty in the factory. I believe this would increase productivity. Things generally would run more smoothly if we had an engineer on site. The two of us would be happy to find a person that had both mechanical and management skills. We would certainly hire that person almost instantly and that would help to take some of the heavy load off both of our shoulders. The third shift always has issues and I hate leaving my home in the middle of the evening to solve these problems.

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