Living in Tampa has made me appreciate having air conditioning

In life, it is normal for us to take things for granted.

  • For instance, many of us take our five senses for granted as well as simple pleasures like the ability to walk and we also take our health for granted.

Aside from that, we also take having a roof over our heads as well as electricity and hot water for granted. It is when we lose these things that we begin to appreciate them more. A few years ago, there was a major hurricane in Tampa, and during that storm, we lost power in our home. At the time, we did not have a generator because we were fairly new to the area and hadn’t gotten around to purchasing one. Having a generator is a necessity when you live in hurricane zones like Tampa. If we are directly hit by a hurricane, chances are, we’ll lose power. And of course, once the power goes out, nothing works. There is no hot water, and no heating or cooling. Hurricane season is usually during the hottest part of the year, so can you imagine not having air conditioning when it is 90 degrees outside? There is nothing you can do to get relief from heat like that, so having air conditioning is something that I will never take for granted again. We lost power for over a week, and we had to eventually stay with family until our power was turned back on. I must admit, after 2 miserable nights of having no air conditioning, I was happy to sleep anywhere else that was more comfortable. Of course, since then, we have purchased a generator, but that situation taught me to appreciate having air conditioning every day while living in Tampa.

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