I just don’t think that Fort Worth, TX HVAC companies are prepared

I personally just don’t think that Fort Worth, TX HVAC companies are as prepared as they should be.

Around here, we get some major heat waves during the summer.

Around May, the outside temperatures start going up and sometimes it seems like they last that way for weeks and weeks at a time without a break. I know that for me, the weather can be very brutal because I do not like the hot temperatures. I would definitely not be living down here in Fort Worth TX at all if it were not for my husband and his job. Because of his work, we are probably going to be here for the next three years whether I like it or not. Honestly, I really don’t like it at all! One of the things that I have noticed about living in Fort Worth, TX is that the HVAC companies just are not very prepared for what they have to deal with. I mean, you would think that with all of the heat that we get here during the summers, they would be ready to work on air conditioning systems all summer long. If I were personally the owner of an HVAC company in Fort Worth TX, I would hire as many air conditioning repair specialists as I possibly could! However, in my experience as a homeowner here in this city, I have found that there is definitely a lack of air conditioning specialists in the local heating and cooling companies. It seems like everyone has a waiting list of a week or two to get any air conditioning repairs done and that’s just ridiculous if you ask me.



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