Working with the competitors

I finally decided to open a maintenance corporation of my own… I’ve been saving currency for the past 3 years.

  • I bought a building yesterday & now I am ready to staff the supplier with certified workers.

I have numerous people in mind to help myself and others with the business, however the other competitors in Lansing, Illinois, do not sit a chance. I’ve looked at the competition. There is a single mom & pop heating supplier located in Lansing. There is a single air conditioning maintenance service in Lansing as well, then everybody else calls services in Chicago, and many of these service providers charge fees for the longer service calls. I knew that offering Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance services in Lansing would be beneficial for business, then during the first week in business, sales were slow & so were maintenance calls. I quickly realized that I was going to need a website or some style of social media presence. I found a corporation to help myself and others advertise my Heating & Air Conditioning supplier in Lansing. I unquestionably suppose this helped a great deal; After only 30 days, sales were through the roof & maintenance calls were coming into the store every single afternoon. I easily never expected corporation to be this strong after only eight months. The way things are moving along, I almost suppose a third branch would be beneficial, however unluckyly, I suppose I have already hired all of the great Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance workers in Lansing. My partner doesn’t savor the idea either, however he doesn’t want to see myself and others get too big too fast. She said it’s better to have one busy maintenance service center instead of two places that are semi busy.


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