Window air conditioners are all we need

In Orland Park, the summer season is too short to make central air conditioning worth it. We frequently start up the furnace in September and keep it running until May. The winter temperatures are most often below freezing and drop down into negatives. We expect snow on Halloween as well as Easter. My heating bills are a huge part of the budget. Every year, I am so anxious for the snow to melt and the weather to warm up. Waiting for the first sprouts of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths takes forever. Spotting a robin in Orland Park is really exciting. It’s such a relief to shut down the furnace, open the windows and welcome in some fresh air. After keeping the house closed up tight and relying so heavily on the heating system, the indoor environment becomes especially dry and stuffy. The breeze helps to freshen up the living space and improve indoor air quality. It also helps to rejuvenate my family and lift our spirits. The last thing I want to do is tighten the house back up in order to run central air conditioning. There are summer seasons that are chilly and windy with constant rain. However, there are also years where the heat and humidity are brutal. It’s impossible to sleep in the overheated and sticky conditions. For this reason, I’ve invested into window air conditioners for the bedrooms. I was able to purchase the cooling units for a couple hundred dollars each. They are compact, lightweight and easy to install, yet powerful enough to maintain a pleasant temperature on the hottest days and nights. They include cordless remotes that allow family members to make adjustments without even getting out of bed. We can determine temperature, fan speed and even the direction of airflow.


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