Why I enjoy smoking cannabis

The weather in the San Francisco Bay area is always cloudy and fair… When there is sun, everyone rejoices and goes outside to love the warrants, and most of the time it is foggy and windy, and i went to chance up some friends from the airport in San Francisco and it was an extremely foggy and windy day.

I had to drive across that bridge and it was swaying in both directions.

I could recognize the bridge moving and it was starting to freak me out, by the time I got to the San Francisco Airport, our hands were shaking and I was a mess. I felt prefer I was having a panic attack. I was planning to drive through the terminal pickup area until our friends were outside, but I decided to park the car. I needed to get out of the driver seat and take a few moments. I textd 1 of our friends and told them that I was in the parking lot, however then I got a marijuana joint from the dispensary out of our car. I didn’t want to smoke on the drive, but I needed to calm our nerves. I lit up the marijuana joint and I smoked the whole thing. My friends arrived just as I was putting it out. I felt a lot better after smoking the marijuana joint, but I was still worried driving across the bay to head back home. When our friends returned condo a week later, the weather was clear and sunny and I didn’t have any problems driving across the bridge.

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