When the AC doesn't work, life is miserable

I was wide awake when the Cocoa ac service provider arrived at 9 am

Last year after a bad rain storm, the AC in the house stopped working. At first I thought it was a power outage or a blown breaker. I troubleshooted the issue and watched a couple of videos. I didn’t have any luck, so I called a Cocoa, Florida AC repair service. I didn’t find anyone in Cocoa that was available. I had a person offer to come to the house from Melbourne, but I didn’t want to pay the extra service fee. I waited until the company and Cocoa had an available appointment. Going without AC that night was absolutely miserable. I spent most of the night wiping perspiration off my neck and back. It is not a choice that I would make again. I thought things would be fine after the sun went down. I have ceiling fans in the house and I had a couple of oscillating fans running as well. It was still totally and completely miserable. It was still 91 degrees outside at 10 at night. The temperature didn’t go down very much after the sun went out. I didn’t get much sleep at all that night. I was wide awake when the Cocoa ac service provider arrived at 9 am. I was hoping he could fix the problem quickly, but the issue turned out to be much more severe than I anticipated. I needed to replace the entire system. I wasn’t prepared to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new air conditioner, but I certainly didn’t plan to spend another night without AC in my home.



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