When it’s all said and done, I will end up in the city

After fifteen years in the company I am finally starting to believe sleepy! The whole reason I took this task was for the constant travel; I grew up in a small town, and never went anywhere, so I dreamed of being able to travel the world and see everything I had only learn about! Where there is a will, there’s a way! I applied myself, got the education I needed, and then found an entry level sales task that kept me on the road several months a year… Finally I grow fatigued of this, and look forward to settling down in Denver, CO to have a real home… Over the last few years I have been to so multiple weird locales, but Denver stands out from the rest.

The last time I visited Denver I even spent a few sevenths looking at local cottages.

I could never afford to buy a house in Denver, because the property values are too high, but there are a lot of small homes on the outskirts of the town which are quite affordable… Living in the town itself gives me easier access to cannabis dispensaries, although I would still be close enough to Denver to make it convenient. In Denver you are allowed to grow your own cannabis plants, so long as you don’t sell them outside of a legally operated and licensed dispensary… My task stops me from enjoying cannabis on a proper basis, so that’s another reason I look forward to settling down in Denver. In a few more years I will be able to call Denver our home.


Recreational Dispensary Denver CO