We see the animals a lot

I moved to Tampa, Florida when I was in my late twenties; So there are certain attractions I just didn’t see due to being an adult, however now that I am married as well as my son is three years old, I have to do child friendly things, then i have started researching what to do in Tampa. I have found there are endless occasions there. I found that the Florida Aquarium is a fan preferred of my sons… He likes pets so the zoo as well as aquarium my friend and I go to on the regular. I don’t mind going. I look at the pets, listen to a podcast or just shuttle my kids around the whole time. It is a bit hectic but they prefer it. I never thought I would be one of those people with season passes but my friend and I go all the time, the weather in Tampa permits it though. There is hardly ever a day that going outside wouldn’t be advisable. Honestly the peak of summer time is where I try to avoid. The intense heat that gets into the 100s just isn’t safe. I appreciate more of the winter season season. I would rather go in the 50s as well as simply bundle my kids up. Nobody tends to go in the winter. So I have about six weeks that the zoo as well as aquarium are all ours. The rest of the year my friend and I are swarmed since the weather is so nice. Tampa, FL can’t be beat when it comes to suine, heat, as well as humidity. That is for sure. I bring sunblock as well as water everytime my friend and I leave the house.
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