We relocated to Minneapolis, MN

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when time came for the long awaited move, and but, I knew my good friend and I were ready for a change, however see, all my life I’ve lived in this town, plus it was time for a change.

  • So, when my fiance said there was a opportunity for us to live in Minneapolis, MA, I was literally jumping up plus down knowing this would be my first time in a city of that size, but i’ve visited cities before plus spent a few days, but home has regularly been slower plus more rural.

And to be honest, I was fed up with it. My fiance went ahead so he could report to work plus also find an apartment. I joined him about 2 months later plus just in time for summer time when the weather was getting hotter. Summers in Minneapolis are exciting plus people are out plus about enjoying life. Also, this is when the air conditioning comes to life since it can get quite warm in your home, but one thing I was happy to do after my good friend and I relocated to Minneapolis was visit the lakes. All the research I did showed that Minneapolis is the location you want to be if you’d like to care about a weekend at the lake. I even remember my good friend and I made the choice to go camping for a weekend at this one location that had all sorts of activities! The area surrounding the lake was full of exciting hiking trails plus my good friend and I also got to camp with some current people we’d met in the same area. To be honest, Minneapolis has been quite exciting plus I am so glad that I agreed to relocate to this part of the country.

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