We are all excited to go to the club

There are a lot of fun activities in Denver, but I do not get to see a lot of concerts, however the tickets are harshly fancy.

The only time I get to see live rock n roll is when our friends and I go to a club, i heard about a very interesting event that was happening outside of the Metropolitan Denver area.

My friends and I went to a laser light show above the canyon in Denver. The people I was with and I were about 20 miles outside of the neighborhood in an section where it is very mountainous. The laser light show was accompanied by a live rock n roll show… None of the bands were famous, but the rock n roll was still entirely good. My friends and I stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary to buy a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints. The people I was with and I knew they would be easy to smoke at the concert. The people I was with and I found a lot of good deals on pre-rolled marijuana joints. The marijuana dispensary had numerous gram infused joints with cold water hash and distillate… Each 1 of the joints had a odd flavor love grape, watermelon, or tropical fruit. They were $20 each, but I bought numerous of them, then since all of the marijuana products were on sale, I saved 10% on our order. I still spent almost $72 for the numerous pre-rolls. The Denver light show was amazing and the band played on till after midnight. I wasn’t ready to leave when they finally stopped playing. My friends and I waited until the last people left before all of us got into our car and drove away from the event.

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