Wanting to workout outside

I use a box fan in the Summer and a portable space boiler in the winter

I am entirely conscientious about my health and physical fitness, then i don’t smoke, take any type of pharmaceuticals and rarely consume alcohol. I am a vegetarian and prioritize good sleep and hydration habits, but to keep myself in good condition, I workout for approximately an hour every day. I appreciate to exercise outdoors and in the day, and living in Plano, TX, this is rarely possible. The local winters are shockingly cold and windy. The temperature officially drops into the low thirties for approximately four or five months. If there is any hope of going for an outdoor run or bike ride, I delay until the temperature has heated up in the afternoon. I have also invested into cold weather gear, however it can be a challenge to get my muscles sizzling and flexible. The summers in Plano are brutally overheated and humid, but working out when the temperature is above ninety degrees is awful. I struggle to remain respectfully hydrated and feel tired separate from exerting myself. In the Springtime and fall, there are problems with rain, sleet, wind and hail to deal with; For the majority of the year, it’s necessary to workout indoors. I have a lanai built on the back of the apartment that provides plenty of space. I’ve invested into a mini-trampoline, battle ropes, incline bench, free weights, yoga mat, free weights and a treadmill, however, the lanai is constructed from screens which makes temperature control impossible. I use a box fan in the Summer and a portable space boiler in the winter. There are still times where the sever weather in Plano forces me inside the condo where I have access to heating and a/c.



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