Wanting a smart thermostat

Living in Glenview, Illinois, presents some particular challenges, the weather is strenuous just about year round, we experience severely cold plus long winters, then it’s not untypical for the temperature to drop down to pitfall twenty.

The oil furnace is an essential component for approximately several straight weeks.

We also deal with constant snowfall, accumulating far more than the national average! Our summer time conditions are always tepid plus humid, with hot plus cold temperatures climbing into the nineties. In-between, we expect Springtime plus fall to be windy, wet plus freezing. The cost of heating plus cooling adds up plus has a major impact on the household budget. I am always on the lookout for energy saving measures. I am diligent about replacing air filters in the oil furnace plus air conditioner. I make sure to schedule professional maintenance for the heating system in the fall plus the cooling component in the Springtime, just recently, I finally made the upgrade to a smart thermostat. We had been managing with an old, manual thermostat that gave nothing more than temperature adjustment. The current system allows Wi-Fi access. Through an app on my smartphone I’m able to raise or lower temperature plus utilize all sorts of helpful features, for the first month after upgrade, the thermostat kept track of every adjustment. It l received our preferences plus scheduling plus created a program to accommodate them, however now it automatically adjusts to conserve energy when the apartment is empty plus welcomes us back to ideal comfort, plus, the unit offers energy tracking plus responds to voice commands. The savings on my heating plus cooling bills has abruptly recovered the investment into the smart thermostat.


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