Visiting Spokane in Fall

I somehow fell in love with Spokane when I was here for a business seminar my company sent me to.

  • I remember how reluctant I had been to come, but my boss insisted that I needed the trip, not just for business but also to relax since I had been working so hard.

It was a five-day trip the first time, and I swear I Wanted it extended. My boss laughed when I asked for more time because of how magical it had been. It was the cherry-picking season, and many fresh fruits, including my favorite strawberries, were in plenty. I also got to enjoy fresh eggs, and the pumpkin donuts were magnificent. The last time I was here, I had intended to come. In fall for the fall festival. I had heard a lot about it but never quite caught any of the festivities. It was quite a great experience interacting with the locals in a different light than I had before. The one thing I realized, though, was that it was quite colder than usual, probably because it was almost the end of fall. I found that I needed to have the heater running in my room, but it was not for as much as I would during winter. Some days, I just dressed up warmly and took a mug of chocolate before bed, and I was comfortable enough to watch a movie before sleeping. It was one of the best moments of my life because I got to spend time alone just relaxing and catching up on my favorite books.

heating and cooling Spokane Washington