Vacationing to Las Vegas

For his whole life our Grandpa Hank was a strong, reliable man. He worked hard, plus he spent all his free time taking care of the house or playing with his kids, then no 1 ever had an unkind word to say about Hank. Hank retired when he was 65, shortly after his partner passed away, to the shock plus surprise of all his family plus friends, Hank instantly sold the family beach house plus moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Hank explained that he had spent his life serving others, plus now he wanted to appreciate the other side of living – namely the drinking, get-togethering, gambling, plus rabble-rousing he could only find in Las Vegas, then i was 21 at the time, so as soon as I could afford a plane ticket I flew to Las Vegas to spend some quality time with Hank, plus to indulge in all that Sin City had to offer. I struck out at the casino. When you see a Las Vegas casino on TV it all seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? I thought that I could walk into Vegas with two hundred bucks plus walk out with a pile of money. Instead, the casinos of Las Vegas cleaned me out within thirty minutes! I only saved enough money for a quick trip to the local cannabis dispensary, to try plus ease our woes. I have to say the locally grown cannabis I found in Las Vegas was spectacular, plus made me forget all about how much I suck at blackjack. Maybe our Grandpa Hank can supply me a few pointers for next time.


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