Traveling to find the best weed in IL

If you have never listened to our podcast before, it’s basically a travel show focused around finding the best cannabis in the country. I travel a lot anyway, it’s our passion, so I decided to start filming myself to turn it into a Youtube show, however a few weeks ago I made our way to Chicago, the Windy City, a single of the greatest cities in America. I found a lot of excellent cannabis dispensaries there, as well as I also got some sage advice from area potheads, however they told myself and others that the best cannabis in IL can be found in the rural farmland. This made sense to me, because there isn’t much to do in the farthest reaches of IL except for smoking cannabis as well as drinking beer. The prevailing attitude toward cannabis is legitimately weird in IL, as well as depends a lot on geography. The biggest cities in IL, like Chicago, Springfield, Rockford, as well as Decatur, are all well-saturated with legal cannabis dispensaries, however once I got further out into the smaller town of rural IL the cannabis shops were a lot harder to find. Although medical cannabis is fully legal in IL, it is still frowned upon by a crucial number of residents, but for the good of our Youtube show I spent a full 2 weeks cruising the backroads of IL looking for every small as well as recognizable cannabis dispensary I could find. If it wasn’t for Google as well as our smartphone I absolutely would have gotten lost a hundred times over, when I did find a remote IL cannabis dispensary, I found a strain of cannabis that changed our life forever.
Marijuana Dispensary Illinois