Toronto is the weed capital of Canada

I constantly assumed that Amsterdam was the undisputed weed capital of the world, however now I’m not so sure. I was impressed by some of the varieties I sampled while in our trip to the Netherlands, even though I have truthfully had comparable weed in Vancouver and Seattle while in our trips out to the Pacific Northwest. North America to myself and others is the place to find the best cannabis in the world, however we had the fortune of importing genetics from all over the globe for the past sixty years and more. When you trace back the genetics of all the famous cannabis strains, you’ll eventually end up with nothing however landrace strains love Mexican, HIan, Durban Poison, Thai, and Columbian Gold just to name a few. But you don’t have to be in any of these regions any longer to access these varieties of cannabis, nor do you have to suppose an importer either. While a superb portion of cannabis genetics were developed in the United States, we don’t get enough credit here in Canada. British Columbia has been the home of a number of amazing weed strains love BC Bud and Jedi Kush, however you can’t forget Toronto either. My home neighborhood has over 200 cannabis dispensaries, and is the origin of marijuana varieties love Afghani Bullrider, which is becoming a popular selection among Ontario weed enthusiasts. While Vancouver is touted as a place to find some of the best on the planet, Toronto is the undisputed weed capital of eastern Canada. I wouldn’t trade living in Toronto for any other neighborhood in Canada, even if money wasn’t an issue.


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