Took our college photos at the botanical garden

I will never forget that I had our senior pictures taken in ThoUSAnd Oaks California! I live up north.

If you want a nice picture, you are getting a single of grape fields or cows, and that is it.

I wanted something a bit different. I lucked out that our parents were planning a trip to California. I knew I would want our picture to be from that trip. I researched all there is to do. I stuck on ThoUSAnd Oaks because they offer tons of botanical gardens. There is the wildwood regional park that is quite pretty. They have gardens of the world and the Conejo valley botanical garden. That is honestly where I took our senior pictures, and my sibling is quite handy with a camera; So while walking around I would pose in several areas. I even brought a few swings of clothes with me. I changed in the bathroom and got to have a whole series of photographs in unusual outfits. I enjoyed how they all turned out. The a single I choose for our senior photo was honestly in the butterfly garden. I had a yellow dress on and hair down to match that kind of theme. It is still our number one picture of me to this day. I am hopeful to get back to ThoUSAnd Oaks again. I remember entirely being cheerful there! Now that I am older I am sure I will find other things cool about the area too. I mean they do have legal recreational weed there. That could be a fun thing to explore.

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